Where is Your Guru?

Manuela Timofte
2 min readApr 10, 2023

Sometimes you say it’s too much for you… But you are the one who has often said “yes” instead of “no”.

You feel that you are being misjudged… You are the one who has said what others expect of you instead of saying what “sticks in your craw”.

You think you are too small to make a difference. But you ignore what you feel and want and do what others ask you.

You often feel humiliated. But you are still the one who does not take a stand when you feel that way.

You are hurt by what you are experiencing, and perhaps you have been making changes in your life outside of you, waiting for others to change your reality. You are the one who is not changing on the inside because you are feeling pain.


The reasons why you do what you do and do not do what you do not do can vary. The most powerful are the fears that feed you day after day and that you feel comfortable in.

No matter how much you want to change them, your fears belong to you. They are the illusions your mind has created out of what you have experienced, out of what you have not allowed yourself to express or what you did not know you could and were allowed to express. So, you allow others to distort your feelings. You let them use your fears and manipulate you.

All that you seek outside you is within you. Only when you start digging deep within yourself, you find out that you can accept that the fears you have can be overcome; your emotions need to be released, and you can be “You”, not a copy desired by others. Then, you will find the honest Guru. He is waiting for you as long as you need to look for him because he is deep inside you. You are your true Guru!



Manuela Timofte

I believe in the beauty of the human soul, nature and love, and I share my thoughts and work with love to encourage you.